App Features

Prefer credit card payment?

Simply add your credit card via “Manage Payment” in the CDG Zig App

You can then enjoy greater convenience and savings by charging your ComfortRIDE bookings to the credit card in the App, with ZERO admin fees!

How To Add Credit Card

Other available in-app cashless payment modes include: Cabcharge, NETS Click and DBS PayLah!

Love the traditional way of hailing a cab?

But prefer the new way of not paying by cash? You can do both through the CDG Zig App! Just use “Pay for Street Hail” in the app and select your preferred in-app payment mode. Watch the videos to find out how!

Go Cashless For Your Next Taxi Ride

Choose DBS PayLah!

Here Is How You Get Another Copy Of Your E-Receipt

Here Is How You Can Pay For Your Street Hail Ride Without Cash

Here Is How You Can Get To 2 Places In 1 Ride

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