SMS-A-TAXI - 71222


 MethodSMS FormatExample : Suntec Tower Four, Taxi stand
To SMS-A-TAXI usingPostal codeBOOK <space> Postal Code <space> #Pick-up PointBOOK 038986 #taxi stand
AddressBOOK <space> Building Name, Block Number, Street Name <space> #Pick-up PointBOOK Suntec Tower Four, 6 Temasek Boulevard #taxi stand
Fastcall Pin CodeFC <space> Fastcall Pin CodeFC 10041

Example of CBD taxi stand: Lucky Plaza
BOOK <space> taxi stand no. <space> #taxi stand
BOOK A01 #taxi stand 

Other SMS Features

  SMS Format
Can I cancel my current booking using SMS?Yes.
Just send CANCEL to 71222 and our system will cancel the booking made under your mobile number. This will apply to all current bookings made using other methods as well.
Can you tell me, my most probable pickup addresses from my previous booking records with Comfort/ CityCab?Yes.
Just send AUTO to 71222 and our system will match the 2 most probable addresses under your mobile number and SMS back to you.
Can I find the postal code of my address?Yes.
Just send FIND <space> Bldg Name, Blk No., St name

E.g. FIND <space> Suntec Tower Four, 6 Temasek Boulevard