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Q: Is there an airport surcharge for taxi trips made inside the guardhouse of the Airport Logistics Park of Singapore (ALPS), which is located at Changi Coast Road?

A: Yes. The airport surcharge is applicable for trips made within the boundary of the airport which includes ALPS. Signages indicating the boundary are clearly displayed at locations visible to the public.

For more information on our surcharges, please click here.

Q: What are the City Area boundaries?

A: The City Area boundaries are as follows:

From West to East: Orchard Road (Orchard MRT) to Republic Boulevard (F1 Pit Building); and

From North to South: Bencoolen Street (Sim Lim Square) to Anson Road (Fuji Xerox Towers)

Please click here for the Land Transport Authority's map for the boundaries. 

For more information on our surcharges, please click here.



Q: What is eReceipt and how do I sign up?

A: eReceipt is an electronic receipt for your taxi trip which can be obtained by either:

  1. Signing up for our CabRewards programme and registering your ez-link card and email address;
  2. Downloading our mobile booking application and registering your email address

Q: How do I register for eReceipt via CabRewards?

A: You can do so in these steps:

  1. Go to https://cabrewards.cdgtaxi.com.sg 
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Register your ez-link/NETS FlashPay card in the system
  4. Enable eReceipt notifications via email

Are all types of ez-link/NETS FlashPay cards accepted by CabRewards?

A: No. Only ez-link/NETS FlashPay cards with the card number (CAN) ranging from 1000 – 41xx are accepted. The CAN is located at the back of your ez-link card.

Q: Do I have to pay by ez-link card/NETS FlashPay in order to get my eReceipt?

A: No. Tapping your ez-link/NETS FlashPay card during payment is for the purpose of generating the eReceipt via your CabRewards account. You can still make payment by cash or any other accepted mode of payment.



Q: Can I have a new receipt printed because I lost my receipt?

A: We are unable to reprint taxi receipts. This can only be done at the point of transaction in the taxi. We issue trip endorsement letters instead which verify trips made on board our taxis. To obtain an endorsement letter, please write to feedback@cdgtaxi.com.sg with the following trip details:

  1. Taxi licence plate
  2. Date and time of trip made
  3. Pick-up and drop-off location

Note: We only issue endorsement letters if the printer or the MDT is faulty and a printed receipt cannot be issued. Please remember to ask for the printed receipt before alighting. Alternatively, you may obtain an eReceipt by signing up for our CabRewards programme and/or using the mobile booking application to manage your receipts.

Q: Can I obtain an endorsement letter for a trip made more than two months ago?

ANo. You can only obtain an endorsement letter for a trip made within the last two months.


Q: Can I book a taxi for trips places such as Legoland or Johor Premium Outlets in Malaysia?

A: You may book taxis that are licensed to travel to Malaysia that are located at Queen Street taxi stand. However, they are only allowed to disembark passengers at Kota Raya taxi stand and cannot go further to places such as Legoland or Johor Premium Outlets. For more information, you may wish to contact the 24-hour Johor Bahru Taxi Services hotline at 62967054/62946943.  

Q: How much time in advance should I give to make an advance booking?

A: Advance bookings need to be made at least 30 minutes in advance. Check out the rates and charges of advance bookings here.


Q: If the GPS location detected by the mobile booking application is wrong, how do I amend the address?

A: If the GPS location detected is wrong, you can tap to change the pick-up location, then manually key in the postal code, building name, block number or street name in the "Enter Address" field to correct it.

Q: How do I remove the address in "Favorites" for ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App?

A: For iPhone users, activate the dropdown menu, select ‘Favorites’, find the address and select ‘DELETE’. For Android phone users, press 'Tap' and hold the address that you wish to remove. Click 'Remove Favorite' to delete

Q: I made a booking via the mobile booking application, and a Mercedes Benz limousine picked me up and my fare ended up more expensive. How do I prevent that from happening for future bookings?

A: By default, our system despatches any taxi type unless you have selected your preferred taxi taxi type. To select a specific type such as a normal four-seater, swipe right of left under “SELECT TAXI TYPE (Slide to see more)” when you are at a new taxi booking screen to change to your preferred taxi type. 


Q: What is MasterPass?
A: MasterPass is a digital wallet developed by MasterCard that allows you to go both cashless and cardless on ComfortDelGro taxis.

Q: How do I use MasterPass on board ComfortDelGro taxis?
A: You need to first connect with MasterPass in the ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking app. Here’s how you do so:

1.  Visit masterpass.com.sg to sign up;
2.  Download the ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App (available from iTunes and Android stores) if you haven’t already done so;
3.  Open the ComfortDelGro app and select ‘Connect with Masterpass’ from the dropdown menu
4.  After you have successfully connected to Masterpass, simply select "Pay with MasterPass" to process your next taxi booking via the ComfortDelGro app.

Q: What should I do if the cabby did not deduct the promo code discount from my final fare?
A: Our deepest apologies that the driver had not done so. Our drivers have been told that the final metered fare should be the one reflected on the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) and not the meter. The metered fare displayed on the MDT would have taken into account the promo code discount. Please contact our Customer Service Centre at 6552 4525 or email to feedback@cdgtaxi.com.sg and provide us with your booking trip details so that we can conduct an investigation into the matter.  


Q: Are infants considered passengers and subject to the taxi seating capacity policy as well?

A: Infants between 0 to 12 months can be carried and are therefore not considered passengers. They are, therefore, not subject to the taxi seating capacity policy.

For more information the seating capacity of our taxis, please click here.

Q: Is a child-seat available inside the taxi?

A: No. According to the Singapore Police Force, taxis are exempted from the child-seat requirement.

Q: Can I bring my dog on board the taxi?

A: Yes. However, animals must be caged or muzzled to be allowed into the cab with the exception of guide dogs for the visually-disabled.

Q: How many pieces of luggage can I put inside the boot of a taxi?

A: A normal-sized taxi boot space can handle up to two pieces of luggage with length of about 27 inches to 29 inches.