Frequently Asked Questions About Zig Express

Zig Express Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zig Express?

Zig Express is an express bus service for Singapore Festival of Football provided by CDG Zig. It provides football fans a convenient and comfortable bus ride out of the Stadium to different parts of Singapore after the event.

What are the operational days for Zig Express for Singapore Festival of Football?

Date Pick-up Timing
26 July 2023 1015pm
30 July 2023 745pm
2 Aug 2023 1015pm

Note: Zig Express departs 30 minutes after the end of the football event.

What are the designated drop-off points for Zig Express?

Zig express has 3 routes, North, North-West and West. Please refer to the table for the designated drop-off points for each routes.

Where is the designated pick-up point for Zig Express?

The pick-up point is located at OCBC Arena, Coach Bay.

Click here to view map.

How do I book a Zig Express ride?

You can book a Zig Express ride via the CDG Zig App. For booking steps, click here.

Are items such as prams and strollers allowed on the Zig Express service?

Both items are not allowed. Luggage and oversized items (including bicycles and wheelchairs) are not permitted. The bus is not wheelchair-accessible.

Where can I download the CDG Zig app?

The CDG Zig App can be downloaded from both the App Store and Play Store. You can also download the App via this link.

How do I know if I am boarding the correct bus?

Look out for the bus wrapped in yellow and labeled with the CDG Zig logo. (Please refer to the illustration below)
Do show your booking confirmation details to the bus captain for verification upon boarding.

How many seats can I book in each transaction?

Depending on the capacity of the bus and seat availability for the specified time slot, you may book for up to 40 seats in one transaction. All guests in a single reservation should travel at the same time and from the same location.

How early in advance must I book a ride?

Ticket booking form closes 10 minutes after half-time break (during each match).

How do I get confirmation from a booking?

Yes, after a successful booking, you will get an email confirmation. You may also access your booking confirmation information by clicking “Activities” on the bottom navigation bar or “My Deals” under the “Deals” category.

Please refer to the illustrations of the various booking confirmation below.

Am I allowed to board the bus if I do not have a booking?

No, all seats on our Zig Express are by booking only. You may follow the booking steps listed in here to book the tickets via the CDG Zig App.

Will the bus captain wait for me if I am running late?

Please be at the pick-up location 10 minutes early. To bring passengers to their destinations on time, the bus will leave on time and will not wait for latecomers.

Failure to board the bus at the designated departure time will be treated as a No-Show.

Note: Zig Express departs 30 minutes after the end of the football event.

Am I allowed to board the bus at a different departure time than the one stated in the booking?

No, passengers are only permitted to board the bus at the time specified in their reservation. Passengers who board the bus at a time other than the one specified in their reservation will be denied to board.

What will happen if the booking was cancelled by CDG Zig?

Passengers whose bookings were cancelled by CDG Zig due to unforeseen circumstances, will be notified by email and in-app notification.

Is there a customer support that I may contact if I require assistance?

For customer support, including lost and found, please contact our customer service via +65 6552 4525 or email [email protected].

Photographic proof and/or extra information may be necessary in some circumstances to adequately examine the matter and assess any request.