Satisfy all your cravings and needs with our food feature!

Food on CDG Zig is here to bring convenience to the lives of our users beyond ride booking!

You can skip the queue and pre-order your takeaways, make table reservations, or book rides to your desired restaurants — all at the touch of a button.

No matter your cravings, satisfy them with our wide selection of food offerings such as all-day breakfast, hotpot, buffets, bars, and more.

Plus, earn ZigPoints (ZPs) when you make a takeaway order via Food!

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Make a reservations through us without the wait!

Have a craving? Select Reservation in Food

Have your pick at the various restaurants listed

Satiate your cravings

Have your takeaway without the wait!

Need food but in a rush?

Have your pick with the various cuisine listed

Grab it and go without the wait!

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