The Fight Against COVID-19

The Fight Against Covid

The fight against COVID-19 is an arduous one. Many organisations have been doing their best to keep COVID-19 at bay.

ComfortDelGro Taxi has also been doing the same, and we don’t intend to stop until it’s over.  

We Are United

We are in this together and stand united to weather this storm with our cabbies. Even members of the public have come to appreciate and encourage our cabbies.


Kind Words From Our Customers And Cabbies

"We are very grateful and [we] appreciate ComfortDelGro [for] helping us during this difficult period of the COVID-19 outbreak, as we go through the circuit breaker together. Well done for your thoughtfulness and kindness. It is great, ComfortDelGro! We will always support our Company and work together. We wish ComfortDelGro all the best, good luck and prosperity through the years."

- Cabby Yeo Ser Hock via handwritten letter

"Very reliable services rendered through the years. In these tough times, I strongly believe that the ComfortDelGro taxi drivers will pull through and once again embark upon rendering exemplary services to one and all. Jiayou!!"

- Vinay Kumar via Facebook

"Thanks you cabbies for fetching passengers to and fro be it rain or shine especially during this critical period. We salute all of you for serving and staying committed to all of us. Please continue to stay safe and many claps to all of you. Stay safe."

- Susan Tan via Facebook

"To all cab drivers, you guys are the most important frontliners unsung heroes. Without you guys, we won't be able to reach workplaces on time, gatherings on time, medical appointments on time. You have made sacrifices not only during this period of Covid-19, but ever since cab business started in Singapore. Thank you."

- Kamen Yoong via Facebook

"Thanking all ComfortDelGro drivers for your impeccable service and dedication, and more so, during these trying times. Continue to push on and persevere, and keep well with regular exercise and eating healthily. Wishing you and loved ones the very best. Thank you once again."

- Alvin Chan via Facebook

A big thank you to you cabbies! We know that it is not easy for you all to stay at the frontline during this difficult time! We are hanging there together with you guys and we will definitely see light at the end of the tunnel. <3 "

- huifen0310 via Instagram

"Thank you SG Comfort Cab drivers! Appreciate your commitment to providing us with efficient transport services despite the challenges during these difficult times, especially in view of the current situation of Covid-19! Greatly appreciate what you are doing. Thank you and stay safe."

- Wong Serene via Facebook


Watch this video to find out more about how we are helping our cabbies and customers.       


We Are Committed To Help

We are committed to:
+ Supporting our cabbies
+ Safeguarding our customers
+ Serving the community

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Support For Our Cabbies

We are not leaving our cabbies to fend for themselves alone and have in place measures to help them.

+ Safeguards including temperature checks, masks, disinfectants and hand sanitisers are available for our cabbies
+ Financial support in the form of full rental waiver from 7 April to 1 June
+ Financial support in the form of half rental waiver from 2 June to 30 June
+ Financial support in the form of rental relief
+ Financial aid for cabbies who have been hospitalised, given five-day MCs, Stay Home Notice or Quarantine Order due to COVID-19
+ Alternative job opportunities for cabbies, including delivery service jobs
+ Launch of the ComfortDelivery platform where all fees go directly to the cabbies' pockets

To find out more about the financial support from the Company to cabbies, please contact our Drivers Relations Officers at or SMS <DRO<space>your text> to 72009.

For more information about how the Government is helping self-employed persons, please visit


Health & Safety Tips

Get your temperature checked twice daily before you start your shift;

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitisers;

Wind down the windows of your taxi for better air circulation;

Always cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing, and dispose the soiled tissue paper in the rubbish bin immediately;

Wear a face mask if you have respiratory symptoms such as a cough or runny nose to protect those around you and dispose of it properly;

If you develop signs of fever and/or flu, see a doctor immediately and don’t doctor hop. Inform the Company’s Driver Relations Officer immediately via or SMS to 72009.

For more health and safety tips, please visit

Safeguards For Our Customers

We have not let our guards down and have put up several precautionary measures in place to ensure our taxis are safe for travel.

+ Cabbies have temperature checked twice daily
+ Cabbies have been given hand sanitisers, disinfectant’s and surgical masks
+ Taxis are cleaned regularly and sprayed with anti-microbial disinfectant
+ Windows can be wound down for better air circulation
+ Contact between customers and cabbies is minimised with in-app cashless payments and e-receipts
+ V-Shield trialled in 400 taxis
+ SafeEntry QR Code in all taxis
+ Unique Pay for Street Hail feature in app that helps with contact tracing



Social distancing takes on new meaning with new plastic shields that are going up in 400 ComfortDelGro taxis. Called V-shield, the locally-manufactured shields have been trademarked by Moove Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ComfortDelGro Corporation. It covers the driver’s cabin entirely, and has two “window” openings for passengers to make payment. The shields are made of an unbreakable plastic material which enables it to serve as an added protection against any violent physical harm. It encases only the driver’s cabin area and does not obstruct airflow in the rest of the cab.

Service To The Community

+ Taxis continue to serve on the roads and even at hospitals
+ Through the Sayang Sayang Fund, a Community Impact Fund started by the Community Foundation of Singapore, $110,000 worth of taxi vouchers went towards healthcare workers and vulnerable communities such as isolated seniors and low-income families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
+ Another $80,000 worth of promo codes was given to the public healthcare sector to defray taxi fares for their healthcare workers
+ Fares for ComfortRIDE, our fixed fare option, remains reasonable even now
+ The ComfortDelivery platform allows both F&B owners and the public healthcare sector to tap on ComfortDelGro taxis for meals and medication deliveries