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Why ComfortDelGro Taxi?

Because we believe in investing extensively in ensuring that each and every journey is a special one -
from the time of booking to the end of your journey.

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What People Say About Us

Hear it from our valued partners and passengers.

ComfortDelGro Taxi, thank you for returning my company ID & access card. Was not able to get the driver's name because he just drop it at our reception. Kindly extend my gratitude to him. Sigrid Simera, compliment via Facebook 

I was waiting for a cab at Jurong East taxi stand alongside many others who were stranded because of the MRT NSL breakdown this evening. I called for taxi a few times until I finally got one. I saw a frail old nyonya waiting for a taxi, I felt pity for her and decided to ask for her destination. Fortunately, our destination was the same, Yishun! When the cab finally arrived, I explained to the driver. Along the way, he stopped the meter, restarted it and said there was a discount because he said I helped the aunty and I was going to visit my mother at the hospital. He was so kind and we are so touched. Thank you Mr Koh Chong Poon, taxi no 3271,Comfort for giving us such a great discount of $16 despite the heavy traffic & peak hours. God bless you. Nurul 'Izzah Khamsani, compliment via Facebook

Kudos to taxi Uncle of cab SHD327L. I've heard countless stories of honest cab Drivers giving back lost items. I saw it with my own eyes how taxi uncle called the attention of the passenger even if she was already entering the mall.  Daphne Go, compliment via Facebook

Thank you ComfortDelGro Taxi driver of SHA7156M for returning the phone left in your taxi last night!!! Answering our call yesterday and coming by today, being polite, humble and honest. I am grateful for what many people unfortunately would not have done.” – Mr Foster Pauly, compliment via Facebook

Cabby Lim provided me with a plastic bag and offered to clean up the taxi when I spilled the coffee in his taxi. He did not grumble nor get angry with me and even return a smile and said: “Don’t worry, it is a small matter.” - Mdm Rina, compliment via email

Cabby Ng stretch out his hand to prevent my head from hitting the windscreen but injured himself when the lorry hit his taxi. I find this quite a heroic act from him as a driver trying to help his passengers in an extended way. - Ms Lim, compliment via email

“I told uncle that I forgot to bring my wallet and will not be able to pay him at the end of this journey. And he simply agreed for me to do a bank transfer. He even came out and helped me with my bags and just before I dashed off - he asked me if I had enough money for my travels and if I needed some.” - Ms Mastura, compliment via Facebook

Mrs Ng always had trouble finding transport for her 13-year-old wheelchair-bound son until he met Cabby Tan who immediately agreed to be her son’s regular cabby. Mrs Ng said: “Uncle Tan is truly amazing and very very kind… Jay adores him and looks forward to each trip with him.” - Mrs Ng, compliment via email

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