Why ComfortDelGro Taxi?

Because we believe in investing extensively in ensuring that each and every journey is a special one -
from the time of booking to the end of your journey.

  • 50

    years of experience

  • 10,000

    taxis on the road

  • 275,000

    five-star ratings

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    prestigious awards

What People Say About Us

Hear it from our valued partners and passengers.

"This app has steadily improved and became quick and easy to use...ComfortRIDE is really good and cab availability is almost always assured. – Mr Sanju, compliment via Google Play Store.

"Mr Manfred, I am Shaik Raheem, the taxi that you took. I think you gave me $103 instead of $15. Call me, thanks." I had to read his WhatsApp message twice when I received it tonight. I took a taxi home after a long walk tonight and appeared to be Mr. Raheem's last customer of his day. When paying at the end of the ride, I didn't pay attention and mixed up the notes in a bunch of two 100 dollar notes and several 10 dollar notes in my wallet. In Singapore, the 100 dollar and 10 dollar notes are quite similar in colour and easily mixed up, especially with limited light at night in a cab. My utmost respect and gratitude to Mr. Raheem for his honesty! He could easily just have kept the money and I would have never known. Instead, he called the Comfort Taxi booking desk to obtain my mobile number. I'm deeply impressed and humbled by this man's integrity It's truly heartwarming that such honesty still exists! Thank you very much, Mr.Raheem! – Mr Manfred Liechti, compliment via Facebook.

The app is user friendly. Information of promo code details (expiry and number of codes entitled) is shown on the app! – aobarook, compliment via Google Play Store.

Very easy to use [the app] and taxis arrive very fast. The drivers are very polite. – Mr Raymond Poh, compliment via Google Play Store.

My 1st choice when booking for rides. – Ms Serene Chiu, compliment via Google Play Store.

Surprising always cheaper than Grab or GOJEK. Fast response time and always many taxis available around you, even in industrial areas. – Mr Adeel Azhari, compliment via Google Play Store.

I am always grateful to meet cabbies who stay positive in this difficult time. Thank you all for staying strong and keeping our transport landscape moving. Stay healthy, stay safe. – Ms Li Liting, compliment via Facebook.

My most sincere thanks to all of you at ComfortDelGro and especially to all the brave cabbies who’ve kept their spirits high during this difficult time! They do their job at a risk to themselves, but have been absolutely fantastic so far! Stay safe all, Cheers! – Mr Abhishek Chatterjee, compliment via Facebook.

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