Pursue Benefits For Both The Business And The Society Concurrently

At ComfortDelGro Taxi, our guiding principle is simple: Pursue benefits for both the business and the society concurrently. This two-pronged approach involves finding ways to develop our business. Even as we deliver services to the communities, we are also mindful of any potential negative environment or safety impact that may result from the roll-out of our taxi operations. We are continually looking at ways to manage and minimise the impact of our business operations on the environment. Our commitment to the environment is steadfast. Whether it is the taxis that we run or the building that we operate in, we are committed to ensuring the our Green Quotation is kept high.


The majority of our 11,500 ComfortDelGro taxis have emissions that meet at least the Euro 4 emissions standards. Our aim is to have 25% of our taxi fleet meet the Euro 6 emissions standards by 2020.

Health & Safety

The saying goes that prevention is better than cure. This is certainly true for vehicles and machinery. This is why we have a rigorous maintenance regime in place. All our taxis are sent to the workshops on a monthly basis for preventive maintenance.


Our Taxi supports Guide Dogs Singapore by waiving the current booking fee up to three times a day for all registered guide dog handlers.

CabbyCare Charity Group

CabbyCare Charity Group was initiated and formed in February 2000 by eight CityCab cabbies who wanted to spend their time more productively by helping the less fortunate. It grew to a size of over 300 members and is very active in various community projects.

Donating Used Taxis for Rehabilitative Purpose

Instead of scrapping used taxis, ComfortDelGro donates them to hospitals, elderly homes and schools for rehabilitative and training purposes. It has donated more than 20 decommissioned taxis to-date.

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