Exciting news! ComfortDelGro Taxi is teaming up with Gojek to increase your booking earnings

Starting April 29, 2024, passengers using Gojek’s GoCar service through their app will now seamlessly connect with ComfortDelGro taxis. You’ll have the opportunity to receive and accept these bookings from Gojek via your Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) and CDG Zig Driver app.

These jobs will be of flat fare and cashless payment only. Any job offers made to ComfortDelGro taxis are still subject to a low commission rate of 7%, which is a component of Gojek’s overall commission rates.

This collaboration will broaden your passenger base and increase your earnings. We’re thrilled to have you join us on this journey. Your support is invaluable to us. If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to [email protected] to connect with our DROs for assistance.

For more details about this partnership with Gojek, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provided below.

Thank you,

Tommy Tan
CEO, ComfortDelGro Taxi

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this partnership all about?

The collaboration between ComfortDelGro Taxi and Gojek aims to tackle critical challenges within the point-to-point transport sector and alleviate the shortage of drivers by enabling passengers using the Gojek app to seamlessly connect with ComfortDelGro taxis.

How long will the partnership last?

The partnership is initially agreed upon for a two-year duration, with the possibility of extension should both parties desire to broaden their collaboration.

Will I incur any fees if i take a Gojek job?

All displayed MDT fares are shown before the 7% commission is applied. The ComfortDelGro’s commission waiver applies only to fares below $9.

What happens if I found a L&F item for a Gojek booking?

Kindly return the item to the lost and found office of ComfortDelGro. If the Gojek customer reaches out to you, kindly direct them to contact Gojek lost and found at 3135 3135. The Gojek team will coordinate with ComfortDelGro accordingly.

Will Gojek passengers be able to contact me when I accept their booking? And how do I contact them too?

Yes, the customer will be able to contact you. The number displayed on your mobile will be masked, appearing as an overseas number starting with either 68 or 69. If you need to call the customer back, the number displayed on the MDT will be a local number that you can call without incurring overseas calling charges.

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