Frequently Asked Questions

What is this partnership all about?

The collaboration between ComfortDelGro and Gojek aims to tackle critical challenges within the point-to-point transport sector by enabling Gojek users to book ComfortDelGro taxis through the Gojek app, thus alleviating the shortage of drivers.

How long will the partnership last?

The partnership is initially agreed upon for a two-year duration, with the possibility of extension should both parties desire to broaden their collaboration.

Will I incur any fees if i take a Gojek job?

All displayed MDT fares are shown before the 7% commission is applied. There will be no further deduction from the displayed MDT amount for fares below $9.

What happens if I find a L&F item for a Gojek booking?

Kindly return the item to the lost and found office of ComfortDelGro Taxi. If the Gojek customer reaches out to you after the trip, you may coordinate with them on returning the item, or let them know if you have already returned it to the ComfortDelGro office

Will Gojek passengers be able to contact me when I accept their booking? And how do I contact them too?

Yes, the customer will be able to contact you. The number displayed on your mobile will be masked, appearing as an overseas number starting with either 68 or 69. If you need to call the customer back, the number displayed on the MDT will be a local number that you can call without incurring overseas calling charges.

Why is a customer is able to reach me even after my trip has been completed?

After the trip ends, passengers have a contact window of 6 hours. It’s possible they may contact you regarding a lost item in the taxi!

Can I still take Gojek jobs from their app instead of through the MDT?

Yes, if you sign on with Gojek, you can continue receiving jobs through the Gojek driver app.

Will there be any difference in job acceptance with Gojek jobs?

The way of accepting jobs that originate from Gojek will remain the same. There won’t be any difference in how drivers accept jobs. Drivers using “auto accept” will still automatically take jobs. Drivers using ‘auto bid’ will still need to select ‘yes’ to accept the job.

Will Gojek bookings trips be offered to Prime taxis as well?

No, Gojek bookings under this partnership will exclusively be offered to ComfortDelGro cabbies.

Besides flat fare jobs, will other job types be offered to ComfortDelGro cabbies?

As of now, Gojek only offers flat fare jobs. Other job types are not available to ComfortDelGro cabbies through our partnership.

Will ComfortDelGro cabbies be entitled to Gojek's services and benefits?

No, ComfortDelGro cabbies will not have access to Gojek’s services and benefits through this partnership unless they have separately registered with Gojek.

Who should ComfortDelGro cabbies call in the event of a breakdown when they are fulfilling a Gojek job?

Please contact Customer Service Operations Center (CSOC) according to the ComfortDelGro driver standard operating procedure (SOP).

Would Gojek jobs assigned to me reflect in our CDG Zig Driver App?

Yes, Gojek jobs will appear on both the MDT and ComfortDelGro driver app.

Can I charge a cancellation and waiting fee for a Gojek job?

No, Gojek jobs offered through this partnership will adhere to ComfortDelGro’s policy for cancellation and waiting fees.

When will I receive the payment?

Payment will be made on the following day, following ComfortDelGro’s current standard operating procedure (SOP).

What is a Gojek Masked Phone Number?

Masked Phone Numbers hide caller identities by using a third-party number to forward calls, ensuring privacy during communication.

Can I call the number displayed on the MDT screen for a Gojek job?

Yes, you can contact the passenger through the masked number provided by Gojek.

Can I reject a Gojek job?

Yes, you can reject the job or choose not to bid on the job offer.

If I picked up a Gojek booking, can the passenger scan the QR code onboard my taxi and use a CDG Zig promo code?

The passenger cannot use our onboard QR code for payment since it has already been processed through the Gojek app.

Why is there a difference between MDT fare and the fare reflected on passenger's Gojek app?

The fares shown on MDT / Zig driver app include a 7% driver commission (for fares more than $9) but do not cover platform and payment transaction fees. Gojek retains the authority to impose additional charges on passengers beyond the trip fare.

My customer has some concerns about the trip fare. How do I advise?

If the customers have any disputes about the trip fares, please advise them to approach Gojek help via the Gojek app instead.

What should I do if a customer requests for a printed receipt for their Gojek trip?

Customers should refer to the trip receipt found on their Gojek app. Drivers should avoid printing any physical receipt for customers.

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