24 January 2020 – ComfortDelGro has raised its level of preparedness in response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia threat. Travel and personal hygiene advisories have been issued to all staff and cabbies, and the Group is ensuring that its stockpile of masks is ready for deployment should the need arise.

In Singapore, cabbies, bus captains, frontline and backend staff have all been reminded to be vigilant and to adopt good personal hygiene practices. For example, they have been encouraged to take precautionary measures such as cleaning and disinfecting their taxis more frequently and to wear a face mask if they have respiratory symptoms such as a cough or runny nose to protect those around them. If they feel unwell, they should see a doctor immediately.

They have also been advised to avoid all travel to Hubei Province and to exercise caution and pay attention to personal hygiene when travelling to the rest of China. Those who have travelled to China recently are to monitor their health closely for two weeks upon their return to Singapore. Should they feel unwell, they are to seek medical attention promptly and to also inform their doctors of their travel history.

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