20 May 2020 – Social distancing takes on new meaning with new plastic shields that are going up in 400 ComfortDelGro taxis.

The trial will see the taxis fitted with a special plastic material which aims to minimise contact between cabbies and their passengers and hopefully reduce the spread of COVID-19. About 50 taxis will be installed every week from now.

Called V-shield, the locally-manufactured shields have been trademarked by Moove Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ComfortDelGro Corporation.

Measuring 1m x 0.7m x 0.6m, the V-shield covers the driver’s cabin entirely, and has two “window” openings for passengers to make payment. The shields are made of an unbreakable material which enables it to serve as an added protection against any violent physical harm. The shield encases only the driver’s cabin area and does not obstruct airflow in the rest of the cab.

ComfortDelGro Taxi CEO, Mr Ang Wei Neng, said: “Our cabbies are exposed to passengers throughout the day and night. While our drivers take as much precaution as they can by wearing masks and constantly disinfecting their cabs, there is still a risk. These shields will further reduce that level of risk as it serves as an added layer of protection for the cabbies.”

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