7 May 2019 – ComfortDelGro Taxi will soon pilot a new booking service to cater to growing passenger demand.

Called ComfortRIDE, the new service will be available on the existing ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App. It will bring together the 12,000 taxis currently in the ComfortDelGro fleet and possibly some private hire vehicles depending on demand for the service, especially during peak hours. The extra pool of vehicles will help ease the supply crunch, particularly during rainy days or when the demand outstrips supply.

Pilot testing for the new service will begin on 15 May 2019 and will be limited to a small group of passengers initially. Depending on the response, it may be extended to more passengers at a later date.

ComfortRIDE, which will only be applicable for current bookings, will see fares adjust according to market demand and supply. Peak demand fares will, however, be monitored and any surges, will be limited and not exponential. The fares will conversely be lower during off peak.

More importantly, the traditional metered taxi option will continue to be made available to passengers alongside the new service.

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