Making a career switch
is never easy. More so when you have to pass a test!

But that did not deter both Mr Ethan Ong and Ms Shannon Lee from wanting to become cabbies, and they even passed their Taxi Driver’s Vocational Licence (TDVL) test on the first try!

Having worked in the F&B industry for two years, Ethan decided to make the career switch in May 2018, and signed up for the TDVL course online with ComfortDelGro Taxi at his friend’s recommendation.

Said the 36-year-old: “The whole process, from the time I signed up the TDVL Course online to the day I took the test, had been very smooth. Cedric – our trainer – kept lessons light-hearted and easy to understand. He also shared his own taxi-driving experience with us which is knowledge you cannot find from the books.” Till now, Ethan still keeps in touch with Cedric.

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