If there’s an anthem that cabbies can sing in the face of COVID-19, it will be the song from Disney’s popular movie, Frozen 2.

For cabbies, providing point-to-point transport has always been their source of livelihood.

But, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many had to step out of their comfort zone and take up jobs that they have never imagined doing before – some of which do not even involve ferrying passengers.

Cabby Ho Sean Yeow is one such cabby. Where it used to be passengers on the backseat of his taxi, Cabby Ho Sean Yeow now drives with parcels in his taxi boot.

Cabby Ho has been delivering parcels with Ninja Van since April. While finding the delivery job manageable, the 39-year-old admits that it doesn’t come without challenges – one of it being rainy days.

“I have to plan my route to ensure that the parcels do not get wet. When it rains heavily, I will have to park at sheltered car parks and walk through covered walkways so delivery will take a longer time,” he said. “But I am still able to clear all the parcels for the day.”

Cabby Ho also doubles up as a safe distancing ambassador when he isn’t delivering parcels – a role he had reservations doing at first.

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