1. NTUC’s U Live Department and the Health Promotion Board (HPB) have collaborated to develop the Union Health Promotion Grant for unions, especially those in sectors with higher proportion of mature workers, to play an active role in improving the health of workers. The grant will also complement efforts to leverage union networks to reach workers in smaller companies.

  2. With Singapore’s workforce ageing and the challenges brought about by a tight labour market, the Labour Movement believes that it is imperative to keep mature workers healthy, so that they can continue working to help ease the labour crunch and also save more for retirement.

  3. NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Heng Chee How said, “One of the Labour Movement’s key priorities is the employability and well-being of workers of all levels and industries. Good health is an important enabler of this outcome. With this grant, NTUC and our affiliates will be able to do more with unionised companies in workplace health initiatives, and to do so in a more industry or even occupation-focused way. Healthier workers make for a more productive, cheerful workforce. This will be win-win for both workers and companies.”

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