The daily routine for 59-year-old Cabby Lim would be to buy supper home for his family. And sometimes he would order extras just in case he chances upon others who may just need a meal.

On the midnight of 13 March, passenger Ms Grace Tan had boarded Cabby Lim’s taxi, and was immediately greeted by the aroma of freshly packed Hokkien Mee that he had just bought.

She casually commented how fragrant the noodles were. Seeing how late the passenger had worked, Cabby Lim asked if she was hungry to which she said she was. She then thought nothing of it. But at the destination, to Ms Tan’s surprise, Cabby Lim offered her a pack of Hokkien Mee. Initially, Ms Tan politely declined but when Cabby Lim insisted, she finally accepted.

She said: “I had expected this trip to be no different from my other taxi rides in which fares are paid and pleasantries exchanged, nothing more. I was thus surprised by this cabby’s kindness and generosity, especially when it has been tough for him during this COVID-19 period. He reminded me that being kind is intentional and a choice that we embrace. Could he be an angel sent to remind me to be kind in our harried pace of life?”

But Cabby Lim thought nothing of it. He said with a chuckle: “I kept telling her never mind, never mind! It’s just a small gesture of mine, I’m happy to share.”

Thanks for being so big-hearted, Cabby Lim!

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