Having been with us as a hirer since 2015, Cabby Cheong has picked up many skills on the job.

She said: “What I enjoy about being a cabby is the flexibility it brings and the skills that I wouldn’t have had the chance to learn had it not been for this job.”

As a cabby, she has not only honed her defensive driving skills, but also customer service, digital skills and first aid. But, tangible skills aside, Cabby Cheong also values the intangible values she has accumulated from her experience as a cabby.

She said: “My life has been enriched by fellow cabbies and the passengers I interact with every day. Through them, I have learned to be more positive and to persevere; to be patient and to show more empathy.”

“The most heartwarming moments for me would have to be when passengers thank me for the ride, or for brightening their day,” she added.

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