23 July 2017 – From next month, all rides taken on ComfortDelGro taxis – be they booking jobs or street hail – can be paid using Masterpass™, a digital payment service which requires no cash nor physical card.

This will make ComfortDelGro Taxi the first taxi company in Asia to accept Masterpass for street hail trips.

This is how it works: Before the end of the street hail trip1 , passengers would need to select the “Pay for Street Hail” option on the ComfortDelGro App. They then use the App to scan the QR Code that is on the taxi’s cashless payment terminal or key in the taxi number to pair the trip to Masterpass. Once the trip is successfully paired up with Masterpass, a push notification is sent to the passengers’ smartphones. At the end of the trip, passengers select OK to proceed with the payment before disembarking. (See Annex A)

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