With Singapore’s borders opening up following COVID-19, Singapore will begin to see the influx of more tourists from around the world, many of whom would take taxis, including ComfortDelGro’s. This, along with the relaxation of Safe Management Measures, will no doubt see an increase in the demand for taxis from both locals and tourists.

As a driver for ComfortDelGro, you are not only providing a service, but you also serve as an ambassador for Singapore to the rest of the world. As such, we would like to remind all our drivers of ways that they can improve their service levels.

1. Be helpful

All kinds of passengers take ComfortDelGro taxis, including the elderly and the children, who may need more time during boarding and alighting, so do not rush then. Check if they require assistance and ensure they have fully boarded or alighted and the doors are fully closed and seatbelts are fastened before you drive off.

Assist them by stepping out of the taxi to help load bulky items that passengers may have, such as luggage or wheelchairs. Handle these items with care.

2. Be polite

Greet your passengers when they get on your taxi, and check their preferred route to the destination. Politely suggest an alternate route and seek their permission to use it if you are confident it is a shorter route, or if there is heavy traffic along that route.

Try the best you can to accede to their request if they are reasonable. Do not quarrel with your passengers. Avoid sensitive or controversial topics for conversation. If your passengers were to give you a feedback on the spot, thank them for it regardless whether it is positive or negative.

3. Stay calm

Some passengers may lose their temper and raise their voice at you. Maintain your composure and stay calm. Keep your voice in a calm and even tone when you reply to them. Empathise with them and try to understand why they are upset.

4. Keep clean

First impression counts. One way to ensure that is by keeping your taxi clean and well-ventilated. Should there be instances in which a passenger vomits in your vehicle, stay calm. Prepare empty plastic bags for them, and send them to their destination. Do  not ask them for any compensation but if they volunteer to pay for the cleaning cost, you can graciously accept.

We hope that these tips are useful in helping you deliver good service to our passengers, so that our customers will keep taking ComfortDelGro!

Drive with us as a taxi driver: https://www.cdgtaxi.com.sg/drive-with-us/