We know that there are two key concerns when it comes to being a cabby: the taxi rental and the driving hours.

But fret not.

With our hirer-relief matching scheme, we can match a hirer to a suitable relief driver or vice versa. With two cabbies to a taxi, the financial load and driving hours will become a shared responsibility!

If you’re a new cabby…

As a new cabby, you can choose between joining us as a full-time hirer or a relief driver.

Here are some perks to joining us as a full-time hirer, whilst being paired with a relief driver:

· Get up to $6,500* worth of cash and incentives, which will not be shared with anyone else

· Save operating costs when splitting the taxi rental with a relief driver

· Take turns to drive the shifts with your relief driver

*T&Cs apply.

Want to know if taxi driving is the right career for you? Check out our article here.

If you want to test out whether taxi-driving is the right career for you, why not try being a relief driver first, and earn extra income as a sideline? Moreover, the rental will be shared between you and your hirer.

If you’re an ex-hirer looking to rejoin…

Did you use to drive with us?

If so, welcome back!

If you’re thinking of returning as a hirer, but only to drive on certain days, having a relief driver can be a great arrangement! This allows you to not only enjoy a more flexible schedule, but also save on rental.

If you prefer to drive occasionally or only during the weekends, come and join us as a relief driver instead, and we can search for a suitable full-time hirer to partner you.

If you’re an existing driver with us…

Are you a full-time hirer with us who is looking to lessen the load of renting a taxi alone?

We are here to help match you with a relief driver who can share the rental and driving hours.

How to sign up for our hirer/relief driver matching scheme?

It’s easy!

Simply indicate your interest by filling out this form: https://www.cdgtaxi.com.sg/driver-matching/

By letting us know your preferred driving locations on the form, our officers can assist to match you with a driver who is suitable.

So, what are you waiting for? Come start your taxi driving journey with us today!

Don’t have your Taxi Driver’s Vocational Licence (TDVL) yet? Learn more here: https://www.cdgtaxi.com.sg/vocational-licence-courses/