Frequently Asked Questions About Receipts

Receipts Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a new receipt printed because I lost my receipt?

We are unable to reprint taxi receipts. This can only be done at the point of transaction in the taxi. We issue trip endorsement letters instead which verify trips made on board our taxis. To obtain an endorsement letter, please write to [email protected] with the following trip details:

  1. Taxi licence plate
  2. Date and time of trip made
  3. Pick-up and drop-off location

Note: We only issue endorsement letters if the printer or the MDT is faulty and a printed receipt cannot be issued. Please remember to ask for the printed receipt before alighting.

Alternatively, you may obtain an eReceipt by signing up for our ComfortPoints programme and/or using the CDG Zig App to manage your receipts.

What are eReceipts?

eReceipt is an electronic receipt for your taxi trip which can be obtained by either:

(1) Through the CDG Zig App,

1. Select “My Trips & eReceipts”
2. Select “e-Receipts”
3. Select the trip
4. Select “Send receipt to email”

(2) Log in to your ComfortPoints account to retrieve a copy of your trip details.

Can I obtain an endorsement letter for a trip made more than two months ago?

No. You can only obtain an endorsement letter for a trip made within the last two months.