Frequently Asked Questions About ZigRewards


What is ZigRewards?

ZigRewards is a tiered rewards programme for CDG Zig App users. App users may earn ZigPoints when they book a car or bus ride, take a Pay for Street Hail trip, or purchase from Deals. ZigPoints may be redeemed via Car Rides and ZigRewards.

How do I register for ZigRewards?

All new and current users will be automatically enrolled into ZigRewards.

How do I upgrade from tier to tier under the ZigRewards programme?

There are a total of three tiers in the ZigRewards programme: VIP, Prestige and Elite. Users will be automatically placed in the VIP tier upon registration. Spend $250 and above within 90 days to upgrade to Prestige, and $600 and above within 90 days to upgrade to Elite.

How can I check my membership tier?

Check your CDG Zig App to find out which membership tier you are at. Simply tap on “ZigPoints” and you will see your membership tier status.

How many points do I need to upgrade to the next tier?

Check your CDG Zig App to find out how many more points you will need to upgrade to the next tier. Simply tap on “ZigPoints” and you will see your membership tier status and a tracker that indicates the remaining number of points required to upgrade to the next tier.

How many ZigPoints do I earn for every transaction?

Depending on your ZigRewards tier and payment method, you will earn up to 4 ZigPoints (ZPs) for every S$1 spent.

  VIP Prestige Elite

Payment Methods:

Cash/Cabcharge/NETS/ Credit & Debit cards/ EZ-Link

1 ZP 2 ZPs 4 ZPs

What transactions are eligible for ZigPoints?

Transactions on CDG Zig App that can earn ZigPoints are:

  1. Car Rides (taxi or private-hire car bookings)
  2. Street-hail trips paired with the CDG Zig App
  3. Bus Rides
  4. Deals purchases

*ZigPoints are credited on item price, excluding admin fees and GST.

What transactions are not eligible for ZigPoints?

Transactions that are excluded from earning ZigPoints are:

  1. Street-hail trips that are paid without pairing with the CDG Zig App
  2. EV Charging

When will my ZigPoints be credited to my account?

ZigPoints will be automatically credited to your account an hour after your trip completes. You may track your ZigPoints via the CDG Zig App.

How and where can I redeem my ZigPoints?

You can redeem your ZigPoints to offset your car ride fare partially once you have a minimum of 1,000 ZigPoints, which is equivalent to a $1 offset. You can redeem in increments of 500 ZigPoints thereafter, and up to 5,000 ZigPoints per ride transaction.

Is there an expiry date for the ZigPoints accumulated in ZigRewards?

Expiration is based on ZigPoints activities. In other words, your ZigPoints will not expire but will be extended by six months so long as you complete at least one (1) transaction on the App. Birthday points will expire alongside your ZigPoints after six months of inactivity, regardless of the month they were credited.

What Should I Do If I Have An Issue Regarding My ZigPoints?

If you face an issue with your ZigPoints, please write in to [email protected] within 7 days of the incident. We will review the case and follow up with you.

We regret to inform that we will not be able to review or process any requests written to us after 7 days. Thank you for your kind understanding.