Frequently Asked Questions About ComfortPoints

ComfortPoints Frequently Asked Questions

What is ComfortPoints?

ComfortPoints is a rewards programme for ComfortDelGro Taxi passengers. Passengers can earn points when they book or pay the fares using the CDG Zig App. These points can then be used to offset the fares of taxi trips.

How do I register with ComfortPoints?

Passengers who sign up for the CDG Zig App. are automatically enrolled as ComfortPoints members.

How many ComfortPoints do I earn for every trip?

You will earn 5 ComfortPoints for every dollar spent. ComfortPoints earned will be rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, if a ComfortPoints member spends S$10, he/she will receive 50 ComfortPoints. If he/she spends S$10.90, he/she will receive 55 ComfortPoints.

How do I earn ComfortPoints?

You can earn ComfortPoints when you book or pair your trip using the CDG Zig App.

Are there any transactions that do not earn ComfortPoints?

Bookings made via Dial-A-Cab or SMS-A-Cab and street-hail trips that are paid without pairing with the CDG Zig App do not earn ComfortPoints.

How and where can I redeem my ComfortPoints?

You can instantly redeem them to offset the fares through the CDG Zig App once you have a minimum of 1,000 ComfortPoints. You can redeem up to 20,000 ComfortPoints per trip.

When will my ComfortPoints be updated?

Upon completion of your trip, ComfortPoints will be credited to your ComfortPoints account by the next day. You can track your ComfortPoints via the CDG Zig App and the ComfortPoints website.

When will my ComfortPoints expire?

The expiry for your ComfortPoints (2021) has been extended from December 2021 to 31 January 2022. ComfortPoints earned in the month of December 2021 will also expire in 31 January 2022. Do also note that ComfortPoints earned in January 2022 will expire in December 2022.

Can I combine ComfortPoints between accounts?

ComfortPoints are non-transferrable and may not be transferred between accounts, even if the accounts belong to the same user.

How do I retrieve my e-Receipt?

e-Receipts will be sent to your registered email account after every trip. If you do not receive the e-Receipt in your inbox, you can check or change your settings in your ComfortPoints account under “My Account” > “My Profile” > “Notification Preferences”. You may also view and download e-Receipts by following the following steps. Select “My Account” > “Trips” > “View Details” > “Preview e-Receipt”.

How long would my e-Receipt be stored in my ComfortPoints account?

Your e-Receipt history will reflect trips taken during the current month, as well as the last three months from the date of your last trip.

How do I update my personal particulars for my ComfortPoints account?

Go to and log in to your ComfortPoints account. Then select “My Account” followed by “My Profile” to update your particulars.

How can I stop receiving marketing and promotional materials?

If you wish to stop receiving marketing and promotional materials, you can indicate your preference at any time by selecting “My Account” > “My Profile” > “Notification Settings”.

Alternatively, you can email our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]. Your request will be processed within 14 working days.

What are the application requirements for the programme?

The ComfortPoints programme is neither targeted towards, nor intended for use by anyone under the age of 13. If you reside in Singapore and are between the ages of 13 and 18 at the time of application, you may only use ComfortPoints under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. A valid email address and mobile number are required for registration of a ComfortPoints account.